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Client Testimonials

Below are some comments that clients have made after working with Experience Homes Group.


"I am a very pleased recent customer of Link Moser, and I am going to explain why. Buying a house can be a very difficult, nerve wracking experience that we do not do very often. Because we do not do this very often, we are not familiar with it, not comfortable with it, and very apprehensive because it involves a large amount of our hard earned money.

There will be questions that we can predict will come up, and we can ask people that we know and trust ahead of time for advice. Then there are questions and important issues that spring up and scare us, and that need an answer right away before we can understand it, evaluate it enough, and finally accept it enough to move forward. To do this we need a person that we can trust. Link is that person.

He does not profess to be an expert on construction, or any of the many questions that will come up. What he does is promise to find the answer for you, or a good solid, legitimate path to the answer, and in a timely manner. This eased my mind a lot because I would tend to dwell on every new issue that came up with the house, and I kept wondering if I was making the right decision to buy it.  Link would get me to answers fast, which eased my mind and allowed me to move forward.

Remember: The selling real estate agent is most interested in selling the property for the client that hired them, Not for you the buyer. They will do almost anything to get you to buy as soon as possible (so they get their commission) including giving vague answers, not helping in a timely manner, and not answering calls. Link is working for you, the buyer, and wants to get you all the information you need fast, to make a good, informed decision.  He also has a great web site to search for properties."

John, Peabody, Massachusetts


"Stop looking for a realtor right now and call Link. He's the gold standard of the industry. My husband and I moved to the Concord area from out of state, and I wish Link could have helped us sell our other home as well.

What struck me about Link--and illustrates his integrity--is that he won't do dual agency sales (that is, when the agent represents both the buyer and seller). He says that an agent can't provide the same level of service, and he's absolutely right. We had a horrible experience with our seller's agent out of state (who did not disclose her dual agency before we signed the papers) and it was incredible to see how Link put his ethics and clients' interests well before his own.

Link is a NH native and knows the capitol region well. He's tech-savvy and uses secure, easy-to-use online applications to streamline the process. He always has access to his smart phone and is prompt with returning emails and phone calls. He's also flexible about scheduling showings--since we were coming from out of state, Link lined up several showings at a time so we could make the most of a trip to the area.

He was never pushy, yet his suggestions and food-for-thought were insightful and helpful. I was initially worried about buying and selling concurrently, but Link made the buyer side--dare I say?--simple and stress-free. You'll always run into SNAFUs in real estate, but nothing fazed Link and he navigated the process with deftness and professionalism. Link has worked with many other agents in the area, and they all seem to respect him.

Really, I can't recommend Link enough. Buying/selling a home is a complicated experience and likely the largest monetary transaction in a person's life. You need a professional you can trust--so call Link."

Adam & Melissa, Winthrop, Massachusetts


"Link Moser is the best realtor we have dealt with in 40 years of buying and selling houses with regard to knowledge, competence, helpfulness and availability. His excellent web site drew our attention as soon as we started our online search for a lakeside retirement home. As we began to select properties of interest to us, Link was constantly helpful in refining our search and showing us homes that fitted our needs.

Once we had made our selection, he guided us through the offer, showed a keen sense of pricing, and negotiated effectively with the sellers’ realtor when a home inspection revealed issues that needed attention. A measure of his effectiveness is that we were able to close only 33 days after our initial offer. His aptitude with internet and other communications, especially electronic document exchange and signing, meant that we were able to close quickly and smoothly despite being hundreds of miles away. He also provides a wealth of resources on his website regarding inspection, mortgage, and settlement companies. This is invaluable to out of state buyers.

We would commend Link to anyone who is seeking to buy or sell property in New Hampshire. He is very good at what he does, always pleasant to work with, and we have come to regard him as a friend - one we can call on even after moving to our lovely lakeside home."

Peter & Marian, Long Island, New York


"My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Link over a roughly 2 year period during our search for a waterfront home in New Hampshire.  Since we are not local to the area, we began with some exploratory visits to different parts of the state with different types of waterfront – ponds, lakes, and rivers.  Link provided useful insight into the areas we looked at and clearly paid attention to issues we identified as important as we narrowed our search criteria.  We never felt we were being steered to locations that did not ‘fit’ nor did we feel pressured to make offers on properties above our price range.  We did receive regular updates about the NH real estate market and prompt notice if properties meeting our requirements came on the market.  All in all, a very helpful and consultative approach that resulted in our finding and purchasing a home in exactly the location we were looking for."

Allen and Janet, Norwalk, Connecticut



"Link Moser has been great to work with! We have purchased and sold several homes throughout our lives and Link has been the most knowledgeable agent among all the professionals we have dealt with. It started a few years ago when I started using his website to search and track homes that were interested in. Link maintained a low pressure contact with us through those years and when it was time for us to make a change, Link handled all the details flawlessly. I would recommend Link to anyone needing the services of a real estate agent."

Larry and Kathleen, Park Rapids, Minnesota




"Ed and I wanted to thank you again for your help in finding the perfect New Hampshire vacation home. Throughout the process, your experience, expertise, and overall professionalism were so valuable to us.  You took the time to get to know what kind of property we wanted; you listened to our hopes and our concerns; and you were reliable in every sense of the word.  You made us feel as though this search was important to you, too, and that together we were a team.  Thank you for all your hard work."

Ed & Ashley, Glastonbury, Connecticut



"Dear Link. We returned home to Bermuda on Saturday after a most successful trip to New Hampshire, culminating with the furnishing of our lovely vacation home in Laconia.

When we initially contacted you and began the adventure of finding “the perfect getaway”, we did so having a clear idea of exactly what we were looking for and after passing on our “wish list”, were pleased to find that you really understood us and what we were after.

You immediately took charge, making appointments and setting up a viewing schedule and answering copious emails and phone calls from us. Everything was handled efficiently and from our perspective, went off without a hitch. Your care in making inquiries and obtaining information for us was invaluable and exceeded all our expectations. You never let us down and made us feel as if we were the most important clients you had on each occasion we met.

There is no doubt that without your sterling services, we would not have found our home and both Peter and I would like to thank  you for all your hard work in guiding us through the process and making the whole experience such a gratifying one. We will not hesitate in recommending you to our friends and family or anyone looking to purchase property in New Hampshire.

Peter and Sharon, Bermuda


"It is a personal pleasure to recommend Link Moser to you. My wife and I met him during our initial search for property in New Hampshire. He exhibited the highest professional standards in his interactions with us. He was energetic, accommodating and thorough in his preparation for our visits, for presenting a contract, and proceeding to closing. Even after closing, he went out of his way to ensure that many details of new home ownership were attended to. His quiet good nature helped move the process forward and helped smooth the inevitable bumps on the road to purchase and closure.

Without reservation, I would recommend Link Moser to you. Please feel free to contact me should any questions about this recommendation arise."

Dr. Michael Van Ness, Canton, Ohio


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional service that you provided to Susan and me in our search for a New Hampshire vacation home. We were originally interested in finding a property in the Lake region but after making several trips, during which you showed us a wide variety of homes, we decided against the area and refocused on other parts of New Hampshire.

Ultimately you were able to find us a new construction home on Loon Lake in Croydon. Although it took the better part of a year after contract for the builder to be in a position to transfer title, we were happy to have full and free usage of the home throughout this period. We are very happy with our purchase.

Susan and I have worked with several Real Estate Agents in other New England states on this occasion as well as many others in the past. Your service to us has been superior to any of our other experiences. Throughout our search you were exceedingly patient, spending full days with us when we made one-day trips up from Long Island. You utilized our valuable time wisely and always presented yourself with the utmost professionalism. You were an excellent representative when it came to negotiating with the seller and were our stalwart supporter when we ran into difficulties closing the deal. You always kept impeccable records of our correspondence and were diligent in addressing every detail throughout the contract period.

Susan and I would highly recommend you as an Agent for any prospective buyer or seller and I would he happy to discuss your credentials with anyone who would like to speak with me. Thank you for all your support and good luck in the future."

David & Susan, Hauppauge, New York


"Link Moser was an exceptionally professional, helpful and patient broker for me.  Having purchased two other homes in the past, I found the process easiest with Link as my broker.  He represented my interests perfectly." - Kacey, Webster, New Hampshire


"Although I didn’t quite understand the role of a “buyer’s agent” until the experience, now I know I will never purchase another home without one.  I underestimated the magnitude of the headaches that might come up, which were many, but Link was truly remarkable." - Matt, Fremont, New Hampshire


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